Past Topics

The Internet of Things (IoT)
Ms. Alka Shrestha

Preparing Tomorrow’s STEM Workforce through Innovative Technology
Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering

Gamification Techniques Applied to Learning
Dr. Usef Faghihi

How to Brand Yourself with Style in This Digital Age
Paris Rouzati

Open Source
Mr. Nijjwal Shrestha
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Business Planning &  Management Software Used by Businesses Across Industry Sectors
Mr. Sagar Katta

Augmented Reality and its Impact
Mr. Steve Abbott, Kinetic Input

Demystifying 3D Printing
Kevin Harris, Radiant Fabrication

Music Composing Applications from Amateur to Professional
Dr. Gregory Hoepfner, CU Department of Music

The Future of Digital Marketing
Kelly Edwards, Lawton Marketing Group
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TruTouch Hardware and IdeaMax Whiteboard Software
Craig Martin, Newline Interactive

The Anatomy of a Search Engine Optimized Website
Kelly Edwards, Lawton Marketing Group

Introduction to Microsoft Windows 8 Computer Software
Demilade Adenuga

An Achilles Heel of Information Assurance Security: A Case Study of Verizon’s Data Breach Reports
Dr. Pedro Diaz-Gomez, CU Computing & Technology

A Brief History & Look into the Future of Computing Technology
Bill Veitch

Video Game Group Collaboration and Networking

Let’s Create a Video Game
Ron Duran, CEO of Tridactyl, LLC

Corey Pennycuff

Open Forum

Challenges in Distributed Interactive Simulation
Bill Millspaugh

New Motion captures technology and its potential to make the Lawton/Fort Sill area the hub of this new technology for the Midwest.
Steve Abbott

Robots, Home Automation and Games using Arduino
Anthony Foreman

Developing iPhone Applications
Tridactyl company

Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
Charles F. Day & Associates, LLC

Open Forum/Discussion on Gigabit City

From Web 2.0 to the Semantic Web: and how YOU fit in

Geographical Information Systems
Mark Polson

Computer/Information Security

Agile Computing

Cloud computing