Admission Requirement

Focus on Technology

The CETES business incubator encourages the creation and growth of technology based companies. In order to be considered for acceptance, the applicant’s business concepts must revolve around the use of technology. Please note, the term technology is broadly defined by the incubator.

Desire to Build a Company

Entrepreneurs must intend to create a company which focuses around their product / service. A key measure of success for the incubator is the creation of self-sustaining companies that produce high skilled job opportunities.

Willingness to Contribute

Tenants must be willing to share ideas and experiences with others to help foster a synergistic environment for entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurs must be willing to accept input from incubator staff and advisors. They must also be willing to share their experiences with other entrepreneurs with the intent to contribute to the success of other entrepreneurs.

Benefiting from our Services

Those who can benefit the most from the services offered by the CETES incubator will be given preference. Our staff wants to apply its skills and energy to those entrepreneurs and small companies who are determined to grow.